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Delta Solutions on winning Defense Logistics Agency IT contract

Delta Solutions & Strategies, LLC is on a winning team as a subcontractor that has been awarded

Delta Solutions & Strategies, LLC Wins 10 Year GSA Contract

Delta Solutions & Strategies, LLC Wins 10 Year GSA Contract April 14, 2014 Colorado Springs, CO

Loop Communications comes full circle

Loop Communications wants you there, in the loop. That’s why Loop Communications developed a tool th

Loop Communications improves info-sharing

Loop Communications has developed a tool that requires you to answer it in a confidential manner whe


On behalf of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE), I a

Delta receives prime contract status for FAA

Delta receives prime contract status for FAA August 27, 2013 By Amy Gillentine Colorado Springs Busi


  • This is outstanding. You continue to raise the bar up a notch. I am still trying to get things going here in the 653rd, but you have helped tremendously by letting me borrow the great work that you have done.
    653 ELSW/CL
  • I was totally blown away! In fact, I might even go so far as to say that I think your briefing was one of THE best briefings I have ever seen… certainly the best I’ve ever seen since I was in the AF (5 years).
    350 ELSG/XC
  • Brian (Delta Solutions) - it was priceless - please thank everyone again for setting this up.
  • The program either met or exceeded all Air Force requirements and has no deviation from the inspection checklists. As you know, we have had nothing but great things to say about SMC for years and your Delta Solutions team does a great job.
    50 SW/IP
  • I want to recognize the outstanding support we have been getting from Andrew. Not only has he given us outstanding support he has proven capable of overcoming our inadequate internal processes to do so.
  • I can't tell you how supportive and responsive your employee has been through all of this. Instead of running the other way when he sees me in the hallway, he's always there to provide the technical assistance required with a smile on his face.
  • Your facility is outstanding and your hospitality second to no one, our team needed a place to focus and tackle a very difficult subject and you came through.
  • As always you exceeded my expectations on using the NetBanner application.
    CLASS Bridge
  • During the recent exercises for the upcoming ORI Paula Roberts was selected as a "Professional Performer"
    11 SWS
  • I want to recognize Mike Peregrin for his excellent customer service over the past 16 months. You have some great people working with you over at Delta Solutions
  • Thanks for the quick turn around on this...I wish you managed all of the mod EAL's
  • Thanks for the exceptional support...he went way over and above researching this to include spending time on the phone with the Raytheon help desk.
  • He has made significant contributions to the launch and test range systems sustainment mission. His strong breadth of logistical experience and his advanced computer automation/programming skills are very valuable to our division.