Chief Technical Officer (CTO)


Mr. Rick Chandler, now VP for Delta Solutions, comes to Delta after the July 2016 acquisition of SHAPE Technologies a company that for 20 years has been in the fore front of training the JCS on Missile Warning and Missile Defense Strategic Systems. He joined the Air Force in 1972 and graduated from the University of UTAH under an Air Force commissioning scholarship (AECP) in 1983. Since 1983, Mr. Chandler has either programmed or tested Strategic radars for the Air Force until his retirement in 1992. Following this retirement, Mr. Chandler continued to support AFOTEC, AFSPC and MDA OTAs as contract lead analyst testing Strategic ground based radars. In 1995, Mr. Chandler developed the first capability to generate training simulations for the JCS as part of a contract with USSPACECOM, now NORTHCOM. In 1999 he started SHAPE Technologies and became both President and principle engineer.   In that capacity he developed training software that models strategic and theater assets that report to the National Command Authority (NCA), missile events around the world. This includes the modeling of theater and strategic OPIR assets, ground based strategic radars and the operational Nudet Detection Systems (NDS). As lead of the Delta team that supports training and exercises, he and his team have continued to make improvements in the software that is now the bench mark for use at STRATCOM and NORTHCOM for training missile warning systems to all levels of operators including senior level decision makers at STRATCOM, NORTHCOM and JCS. In addition, Mr. Chandler continues to contractually support the Air Force and MDA Operational Test Authority (OTA) as lead analyst on both Ground Based Strategic Radars and Upgrade Early Warning Radar (UEWRs) for Delta Solutions.