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Modeling & Simulations

Whether you're testing capabilities or teaching in a classroom, Delta Solutions' missile warning models and radar simulations will boost your effectiveness
JIMDTS Support
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Trusted  Simulations

JIMDTS is the combined missile defense and missile warning training environment.  Delta solutions was a part of JIMDTS development and we are the current system maintainer.

One suite to rule them all

Our radar simulations were developed by experts.  Our apps interface with legacy radar code and have been validated by military use in Exercise COBRA DANE, GLOBAL DEFENDER, and VIGILANT SHIELD.


 Delta Solutions is the "go to" for recent Cheyenne Mountain upgrades, UEWR modeling, EWR & PARCS operational tests because our results are compared against real-world data.

Our training suite consists of a threat planner, a database of missile components, a scenario injector, a correlation center, a PDU converter, and a timed PDU injector.   These applications provide intuitive interfaces that feed directly into operator stations.

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