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Delta Solutions Received the 2019 Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award!

It is my pleasure, on behalf of our corporate leadership and owners to announce Delta Solutions & Strategies has been selected as a 2019 Department of Defense Secretary of Defense ESGR Freedom Award winner!

This past year, our military employees collectively nominated the company for this prestigious award following a previous nomination in 2017 when we were not selected. We are very proud to say we won this award with only 14 other companies across the nation who were chosen from 2,415 nominations.

The Secretary of Defense Employer Support Freedom Award is the highest recognition given by the US Government to employers for their support who serve in the Guard and Reserve. Nominations must come from Guard or Reserve members who are employed by the organization they are nominating or from a family member. Almost one-half of the US Military is comprised of the Guard and Reserve. The Department of Defense shares these citizen warriors with their civilian employers, many of whom provide significant support to their employees who serve in the Guard and Reserve. This award recognizes employers who provide the most outstanding support for their Guard and Reserve employees and is presented annually by the Secretary of Defense.

The Freedom Award began in 1996 to recognize exceptional employer support to military employees across the Nation. To date, only 265 companies in America have been awarded this outstanding recognition. If you are not familiar with this award or the ESGR, please learn more at and

Congratulations to all of our employees; those who serve in the Guard and Reserve and those who support all of us while we are away serving in uniform. Thank you to our owners and corporate leadership for your support and generosity in everything you do to support our military employees.

Pictured: ESGR National Chair Craig Mckinley, President of Delta Solutions Col Mark Stafford, USAFR and O&M Program Manager at Delta Solutions, LtCol Mark Shuster, USMCR

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